BH-4S1P Portable Speaker Battery

Products Description

Industrial Li Ion 18650 Battery Pack / 14.8V 2.2Ah Wireless Speaker/Smart Camera Battery

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1 Lithium-ion Battery Cell SZNS18650-2200mAh  3.7V/2200mAh  
2 PCM ZPW 4S-PCM V3(S8254AAV+AO4407*2+R015+10K NTC B值3435)  
3 Configuration 3S1P  

Product Specification

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1 Rating Voltage 14.8V  
2 Rated Capacity Typical:2200mAh 0.2C discharge after full charge。
3 Limited Charge Voltage 16.8V  
4 Impedance  ≤300mΩ  
5 Charging Mode C.C/C.V.  Constant Current/Constant Voltage
6 Charging Method Standard Charging current 0.2C Charging Current 440mA
Max Charging current 0.5C ChargingCurrent 1100mA
7 Charging Time Standard Charging 7.5Hours  
Maximum Charging 3Hours  
8 Charging cut-off current 44mA 0.02C
9 Discharge cut-off Voltage 18.0V  
10 Maximum discharge current 2200mA 1C
11 Over Current for discharge protection 8.0~17.0A  
12 Short Circuit Activation recovery after the protection of the short circuit load  
13 Operating Temperature Charging 0~45℃  
Discharging -10~50℃  
14 Storage Temperature 1 month: -20 to 50℃   
3 month: -20 to 45℃
1 year: -20 to 20℃
15 NTC Resistor  10KΩ  
16 ESD Test  ±4KV  
17 Cycle Life 300 cycle DOC≧80%

PCM Specification

PCM Layout

NO Item Content Criterion
1 Over charge Protection Over charge detection voltage 4.25±0.025V
Detection delay time 1000±300mS
Over charge release voltage 4.15±0.05V
2 Over discharge protection Over discharge detection voltage 2.75±0.08V
Detection delay time 5-15mS
Over discharge release voltage 3.00±0.01V
Rated operational current 8A-17A
3 Short protection Detection condition Exterior short circuit
Release condition Cut short circuit
Delay time for short circuit protection 100-600uS
4 Interior resistance Main loop electrify resistance ≤60mΩ
5 Current consumption Current consume in normal operation I≤40μ A


Company Advantages:

  • Bahoo has 13 years experience of battery packs. Our customers are from all over the world.
  • Cell Selection: Tier One Cell Brands: LG, SamSung, Molycel, Cham, BFN, BAK, EVE, Greatpower, etc.
  • Battery Screening: Voltage Difference within 3mV; IR Difference within 3mΩ;Capacity Difference within 30mAh.
  • Develop products according to customer requirements or product orientation.
  • We have 20 assembly lines that can produce 8K-13K batteries every day and consume 20 millions of cells every year to guarantee fast delivery for the orders.

Delivery Time:

  • Material Preparation Time: 7-15 days (or inventory)
  • Production & Assembly Time 3-10 days
  • Testing & Packaging Time: 2-5days
  • Total Delivery Time: 15-30days
  • The faster delivery could be negotiable.

OEM/ODM Service:

If you want to display your own brand logo in products, bags, labels or anywhere. Or you need to develop battery packs according to your product orientation. Our OEM and ODM services are ready to do it.

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Founded in 2009, Shenzhen Bahoo Technology Co., Ltd.,(Bahoo) is a national high-tech enterprise who is committed to R&D and manufacturing lithium-ion battery packs and portable power stations. We also provide residential ESS service and take OEM/ODM orders. With more than 30 R&D engineers, we have applied for more than 100 patents of appearance, invention and utility model technology.

Bahoo’s production facility, with about 400 staffs, is located in China’s science and Technology Center City— Shenzhen, covering an area of 8,000㎡ and holding an overall floorage of 20,000㎡. The factory has passed ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015. We have established 6S field management systems. With a 40-member QC team, we take strict control of our products from IQC to OQC. Over the past years, our products have been sold to many countries and regions, and passed certifications like UL, IEC, PSE, KC, CE, FCC, etc, with 45% of our turnover being contributed by overseas markets.

Bahoo’s portable power stations can meet the power demand of outdoor activities, self-driving travel, emergency rescue and disaster relief, blackout emergency and other scenes. Relying on years of experience of battery technology, Bahoo has invested huge resources to develop portable power stations.We are aiming to be a leading portable power station manufacturer in the industry.

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