Home Solar Storage Battery

Home Solar Storage Battery

Bahoo Power offers solar batteries for domestic applications with various specifications. Whether the consumer needs a wall-mounted solar battery or a rack solar battery, we offer these batteries in various specifications with a 5-year warranty.

Wall-mounted Solar Battery

Whether you need a wall-mounted solar battery for a small 3KW solar system or a 10KW system, these batteries are a good fit. These batteries come in mainly two specifications, 100Ah and 200Ah.

If the consumer wishes to install a larger system, up to 15 wall-mounted solar batteries can be parallelly connected to form a storage of up to 3000 Ah.

The uniqueness of these batteries is the R&D behind their development and their wide range of features. Our wall-mounted solar batteries are developed with a LiFePO4 cell composition that makes them super robust. Each battery lasts up to 6000 cycles and offers a usable range of up to 95%.

To ensure these batteries last for years, these batteries are equipped with BMS. RS485 and CAN communication ports are also provided for easy connectivity with most solar inverters.

Besides the functionality our wall-mounted solar batteries for home offer, they are also protected against overheating. The aesthetics help regulate the battery temperature, and the battery is also equipped with a cooling fan for better safety.

Rack Solar Battery

Like our solar batteries, our rack solar batteries are designed for 50Ah and 100Ah solar power storage capacity. But up to 15 batteries can be connected in parallel for large-scale solar systems to form a bigger storage system.

The ability of rack solar batteries to fit inside racks consumes less space and offers great energy storage capacity. Moreover, this also makes it easier to operate and maintain them.

Our rack solar batteries are based on LiFePO4 cell compositions with an up to 95% useable ratio. Moreover, each battery offer a 6000-cycle life.
For simplified communication with solar inverters of various kinds, these batteries are designed with RS323, RS485, and CAN protocol-based communication.

For high reliability, the battery structure is designed to dissipate excessive heat. Moreover, the battery triggers warnings if any anomalies or problems are detected.

If you want solar batteries that are efficient, economical, reliable, and safe, check out our battery listings. Please contact us if you are looking for something particular or need a quotation.

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