Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

On-grid Solar Inverters

We at Bahoo Power, offer solar inverters for a wide range of applications. Our inverters are designed to fulfill the requirements of both domestic and commercial consumers. As one of China’s leading and growing solar inverter dealers, we have designed our inverters according to modern needs and technologies.

Solar Inverter Range By Bahoo Power

Our exclusive solar inverter range includes:

  • On-grid Solar Inverters
  • Off-grid Solar Inverters
  • Hybrid Solar Inverters

On-grid Solar Inverters

We develop on-grid inverters for 3-phase applications, starting from 8KW to 100KW. We have a model for you if you need an inverter to power a home or an entire building and the grid.

Off-grid Solar Inverters

Our off-grid inverters are designed for single-phase applications, starting from 3.5KW to 15KW. This range ideally covers houses and small-scale buildings.

Hybrid Solar Inverters

We offer hybrid inverters for both single-phase and 4-phase applications. Our hybrid inverters range from 5KW to 20KW. Which is more than sufficient for small and intermediate-scale buildings to power during the day, charge the batteries, and power the grid.

What Makes Our Solar Inverters Special?

  • MPPT-based design to ensure efficiency
  • Compact design & weight to ease installation and handling
  • Pure size wave to keep the appliances safe
  • System protection to keep the inverter and environment safe
  • LCD so consumers can easily monitor the inverter’s operations
  • Internet connectivity via WIFI & GPRS to monitor the inverter online
  • Compatibility with power mains & generators
  • Warranty of 2-3 years (varying from model to model)
  • Short delivery time of only 5-7 days by air

To ensure consumers make the best out of our inverters, we keep updating our designs in terms of efficiency, safety, and durability. This is how Bahoo Power is creating an impact in the Solar Power sector and also helping partner businesses to grow with us.

If you are a business looking to buy bulk solar inverters, we have you covered. We cater bulk orders in minimal time and also offer stock for samples. Contact us for quotations and further details.

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