Three Phase Hybrid Inverter 20KW

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Three Phase Hybrid Inverter 20KW

10KW intelligent parallel solar inverter | 3000w - 5000w


Simple and flexible

  • Passed IEC62109-1/-2, EN61000-6-1/-2/-3, IEC61000, AS4777.2,
  • IIP65 protection, aluminum housing, built-in lightning protection,
    high-precision leakage protection

Friendly & flexible

  • Integrate PV and storage system modem
    considerable economic benefits
  • Support full power discharge, automatic management
    of battery charge and discharge
  • Wide PV and battery voltage input range

Economical & practica

  • It is more economical to support multiple operating modes
  • Can be as a UPS for the important loads when power off
  • Support intelligent EMS management function
  • Support on/off-grid automatic switching function to ensure uninterrupted power when important loads are off-grid.
  • Support three-phase imbalance

Application Scenario

Product Topology

Three Phase Hybrid Inverter 20KW Product Topology
DC Input
Max. input power(kW)26KW
Max. DC voltage(V)1000V
MPPT voltage range(V)
MPPT tracker/strings2/2
Max.input current of single MPPT(A)23A*2
Short-circuit current of PV input(A)30A/30A
AC output
Rated output power(KW)20KW
Max. Apparent AC power(KVA)20KVA
Max. output current(A)31A
Grid voltage/range(V)380V, 3L+N+PE
Frequency (Hz)50 /60Hz
PF1(0.8lagging -0.8leading)
Battery voltage range(V)180V~700V
Max. input/output voltage(V)700V
Rated charge/discharge current(A)50A
Battery typelithium /Lead-acid
Communication interfaceCAN/RS485
EPS output
Rated output power(kW)20KW
Max. Apparent AC power(KVA)20KVA
Rated output voltage(V) 380V, 3L+N+PE
Rated output current(A)31A
Rated frequency (Hz)50Hz /60Hz
Automatic switching time (ms)10ms
Overload capacity110%, 30S/120%,10S/150%,0.02S
General data
Euro Efficiency98.2%
Protection classIP65
Noise Emission (Typical)45dB
Operation Temperature-25~+60℃
CoolingIntelligent Fan
Relative Humidity0 ~100% (non -condensing )
Altitude4000m(>2,000 Derating)
Dimensions (W/D/H) mm505*630*220mm
Inverter Topologytransformerless
Display and communication
Interface:RS485/Wifi/4G/CAN/DRMyes /opt/opt/yes
Safety standardIEC62109-1/-2
EMCEN61000-6-1/-2/-3, IEC61000
On-gridAS4777.2,South Africa: NRS097-2-1:2017

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